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Drags and Bags is looking a little different this year; Northreach and Rotary Club Grande Prairie After Five have collaborated to bring you a night of virtual fun!

Chef/Queen Avanna Kadavra originally from Grande Prairie, now cooking up a storm down in Calgary, will be presenting a comedy cooking show on how to cook chicken enchiladas!

We have included a meal kit for all ticket holders. The kit will include the ingredients for your enchilada based on your dietary needs (vegetarian/vegan/dairy free/gluten free available). In the meal kit there will also be ingredients to make some Mexican-inspired special drinks.

So get ready for some laughs and a night of fun. We will see you May 14th! Head over to Eventbrite to purchase your tickets here!

Head to our Facebook group ‘Drags & Bags 2021‘ to participate in the silent auction of this year’s designer handbags!