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LGBTQ Youth Group Activities

Youth group activities are based in both recreation and education.

The Youth Group has a partnership with The Centre for Creative Arts; every month youth are invited to participate in fun art-based activities such as pottery, soapstone sculpting, plastercine, watercolours, and plaster creations. Quite often, it is the first time learning these art mediums, and a chance for youth to flex their creative muscles.

Previously youth have also attended The Infinite Element for sound meditation and crystal bracelet making, Bowling Stones for bowling night, The Jump Yard for trampoline time, and Muskoseepi Park for outdoor activities.

There are opportunities for youth to take the lead, and share what they know, with Youth Teach Nights. The youth are welcome to teach their peers about a topic they are passionate about. This gives youth a chance to embrace a leadership role for an evening.

The youth created a banner for 2018’s Canada Day and participated in the parade with Northreach Society. This event takes a lot of work and planning, and the youth are given the chance to have a voice and take control of what they wish to express.

Education topics within youth group center around self-care, queering safer-sex education, healthy relationships, and mental wellness. There are also skill-based education sessions which focus on cooking, resume-building, and other “life” based skills. This learning is done in a safe and inclusive space, which makes it easier for youth to fully engage.

The youth have also taken interested in, and been given opportunities to, volunteer within the community. A recent example was the youth’s participation in The 4th Annual MS Fashion Show hosted by Prairie Mall.

Past Calendars

Calendars for the current month can be found on both Facebook and Instagram.

Past Activities

Canada Day 2018 Parade and Banner Building!

Flag Making with John Howard Society’s Tabono Youth

Pottery with The Centre for Creative Arts

2018 Pride Carnival