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You can access the survey here

Welcome to the Social Well-being, Empowerment, and Resilience in the face of Adversity (SWERV) project. The project’s objective is to improve our understanding of bullying’s impact on resilience, empowerment, and social well-being and participation in our communities!

The survey takes around 30 to 60 minutes. You can take breaks and come back to it later if you wish. However, we suggest that you take the entire survey in one sitting.

To thank you for your time, we offer you a compensation:

For each section in which you participate, you will earn one more chance of winning one of 40 $50 gift certificate (for up to 10 more chances).

Throughout the survey, we will ask you questions about your life. We start by asking you a few questions to know you better, including personal questions about your gender and your sexual orientation. Afterwards, the survey addresses:

  1. Your social well-being and involvement in your community;
  2. Your experience with bullying and its impacts on your life.

Some questions are personal and sensitive in nature and some people may find that they bring up difficult memories. Remember that you can always choose not to answer a question and you can exit the survey at any time. Keep in mind that the study website (https://swerv-brav.uqam.ca/wp/) provides a list of counselling and social services. Do not hesitate to use it.

As a general tip, try not to over-think the questions. It is normal to not remember specific details. It is okay to estimate to the best of your ability. There is no right or wrong answer. All answers are confidential.


  1. Confirm that you are between the ages of 15 and 29;
  2. Carefully read the consent form;
  3. Read the questions and response options carefully;
  4. To answer, click on the option that best fits your answer, or write your answer in the space provided for this purpose.