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Supervised Consumption Services Review


Northreach Society is invested in and cares deeply about Grande Prairie. We view our harm reduction approach to the opioid crisis as one which benefits the entire community. Harm reduction is a public health philosophy aimed at reducing negative impacts of behaviours, either on individuals and/or populations. For us, this approach includes having open, honest, and non-judgmental conversations with all members of our community.

Currently, the Government of Alberta is doing a review of Supervised Consumption Services within the province. As Northreach operates one of these sites, we want our community members to feel encouraged to actively participate in the online survey and/or attend the public engagement session for Grande Prairie. For us, it is important all those who want their voices heard have an opportunity to do so.

The following link has information for both the online survey, which can be filled out as an individual or business, and the details for the public engagement session being held September 17th.


Please note: there is a pre-registration form for the town hall event, however it is not required to attend; additional information regarding town halls can be found on the website.