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Grande Prairie Office

9613 98th Street
Grande Prairie, AB. T8V 2E3
Phone: 780-538-3388

To report needle debris: 780-876-4277

Dalyce McNabb, Executive Director

Harm Reduction Team Lead

  • Education
  • Community Events and Engagements
  • 2SLGBTQ+ Support
  • Women’s Health Outreach
  • Harm Reduction Supply Distribution

Education Inquiries: education.gp@northreach.ca

All Other Inquiries: info@northreach.ca

Fort McMurray Office

10095 Marshall Street Unit 302,309
Fort McMurray, AB. T9H 1X6
Phone: 780-876-2974

G.Rondot, Area Director/Team Lead

Outreach and Support Services Team

Harm Reduction Team

  • Community Engagement Coordinator
  • Overdose Prevention
  • Education
  • Admin/Program Support

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Please do not use contact form to request for delivery of supplies.

To order supply delivery within Grande Prairie, click here.

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