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Regardless of medical advances and undetectable equaling untransmittable, the stigma around HIV still exists. This stigma affects not only those living with HIV, but people’s willingness to know their status, it affects families of those with HIV, it affects partners and relationships, it can affect employment and housing; the stigma becomes a barrier for those living with HIV. Northreach is committed to fighting this stigma and sharing the real stories of those with HIV. The following videos are of people with lived-experience who understand the impacts of HIV and the stigma that follows it.

Living with the Stigma of HIV.

FACES of HIV: Kamaria’s Story

Living with HIV, Florence’s story

HIV Stigma – I have judged.. other people are going to judge me

FACES of HIV: Anthony’s Story

Living With The Stigma Of HIV

Our treatment of HIV has advanced. Why hasn’t the stigma changed? | Arik Hartmann

Living with HIV (Today) – What it’s like?! [Genvoya]

New HIV Patient Meets Survivor From The ’80s